Meet Dr. Elma Schnapp, M.D.

Dr. Elma Schnapp, M.D. is a physician specialized in physical rehabilitation. Her appreciation for the human body's strengths and weaknesses developed while working as a dancer and choreographer in her native country of Brazil. Her choice to change careers and to enroll in medical school was precipitated by a severe knee injury during a ballet rehearsal, which effectively ended her aspirations as a dancer.

"That injury forced me to look deeper at what lies beneath the skin, at the intricate partnership between the muscles, joints, and nerves, which is the basis for the most graceful motions and expressions," says Elma.

Since then, she has focused on developing techniques to improve the body and maximize health through the use of exercises and lifestyle changes. Her goal is to allow access to her training methods to every person who could benefit from them.

Elma has published a unique posture exercise book based on her methods and she has recently patented an electronic device to prevent abnormal posture.

She lives with her husband in Memphis, Tennessee and, despite being a published author and inventor, she still claims her three children as her best creations.