iPosture Monitor
How iPosture Monitor works

The secret of the iPosture is WINS TM, or Wearable Intelligent Nano-Sensor, a microchip that monitors stance several times every second. The iPosture is worn close to the skin of the chest and operates on a coin-size battery. It warns the user when detecting any deviation greater than just three degrees from the chosen posture that lasts longer than one minute. Specialied software filters spurious movements, which allows the iPosture to adapt to a variety of activities and body types. It can be worn clipped to the shirt or bra, as a necklace, or attached to the skin with special adhesive patches.


One single button controls all the iPosture functions, and operating the device is easy. Simply put on the device, stand erect and hold a good, comfortable posture that you wish to maintain, and click the central button. The iPosture vibrates once, acknowledging that proper posture has been set. It can adapt to each person's unique body type. The iPosture can be reset at any time to allow the user to fine tune their best personal stance, whether moving from a sitting to a standing position. You can pause the iPosture by pressing and holding the button for three seconds, or lay it down on the table to turn it off.


Angle of your upper body. iPosture Monitor can detect and alert you to correct your posture. the importance of good posture on health and the science behind it
  • bad posture and good posture. iPosture Monitor can detect and alert your to correct your posture People with good posture are generally happier and more confident
  • Women with good posture are less prone to osteoporosis fractures
  • Men with good posture are twice as likely to keep their balance and function as they age
  • Posture correction and exercises can be more effective than other medical modalities for the prevention and treatment of back pain
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3 ways to wear the iPosture Monitor for good posture