How iPosture Monitor works

The iPosture Golf-Pro was developed by physicians and specially engineered to work as a personal coach to help you achieve your best posture. The secret of this small unit is WINS™ (Wearable Intelligent NanoSensor), a highly advanced microchip programmed to continuously measure the position of the body to help create the ideal posture just for you.

The Golf-Pro is worn on the chest as a necklace or out of sight, attached to the clothes or skin. One simple button activates the device, which detects when the body slouches even for a short time, and transmits subtle vibrations to the skin to alert you to correct your posture.

Angle of your upper body. iPosture Monitor can detect and alert you to correct your posture. the importance of good posture on health and the science behind it
  • bad posture and good posture. iPosture Monitor can detect and alert your to correct your posture Develop a More Natural, Consistent Swing
  • Transfer Maximum Power to the Ball
  • Increase Core Strength Naturally
  • Reduce Back Problems
  • Look Like a Winner On and Off the Course
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3 ways to wear the iPosture Monitor for good posture

There is one thing that the pros on the PGA tour have in common: perfect posture. The success of your game is entirely dependent on the condition of your swing, and nothing affects your swing more than your posture. No new set of clubs can ever do for you what the correct posture can do instantly.

Poor posture at address has been consistently shown to contribute to inconsistent swings, errant ball flight, and swing flaws.

Perfect posture doesn't come naturally, and it is easy to forget about it and begin slouching again. However, the iPosture Golf-Pro acts like your personal coach. It helps you learn your correct posture off the course and develop the muscles required to maintain that posture so you can bring that posture on the course.

*The iPosture Golf-Pro was not designed to be worn during the course of play. Instead, it provides off the course training that you can apply on the course.