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Champion O2 Cool Sports Bra 6815


Rating:  5 stars

I saw a lady wearing one of these bras in the gym about a month ago so of course I asked about it. She said she didnít see a need to limit it to certain aspects of her workout. She said it was very comfortable whether she was doing Yoga, Aerobics or weight training. So, taking her word for it, I bought one just to try it out for myself.

Definitely a 5 star product in my book! And so adeptly named Ė Oh 2 Cool. Comfort and flexibility, need I say more? But of course I will do my best to give you a thorough review though!

I am an Aerobics instructor and a runner. It is such a light weight fabric (nylon/lycra spandex), that I was pretty skeptical about buying it.

True to the quality we have all come to expect from Champion, this is one of the best, most advanced sport bras on the market today in my opinion. It has firm but highly flexible support. Itís very easy on the shoulders and back, it doesnít pull and strain your shoulders like some of the other sports bras out there. It has mesh venting just where we need it most - under the arms, down the back and in the front to help keep you cool. It has a T-back and one-hook closure with a keyhole opening also designed to help keep you cool. It has aerodynamic, flat-locked seams to help visually slim you and flatter your figure. The flat-locked seams help give this bra the most seamless fit I have ever felt in a sports bra of this quality. It has a wrapped comfort band that doesnít pinch or bind. The supportive front lining has an anti-microbial finish to help inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Besides being soft and flexible, it is extremely easy to pull on and off. It is very soft and comfortable and never binds or pinches.

And it is so pretty! It comes in seven colors - white, black, dark blue, periwinkle, light green, pink and lilac and has the Champion logo on the left just below the left shoulder strap.

It has a high MCR (motion control rating for sizes A-C, if you're curious) to help reduce bounce and provide great support and comfort whether youíre running, playing basketball, horseback riding or doing Yoga.

So just to recap: light weight fabric, reduces bounce, maximum comfort even while running or jumping, extremely high flexibility, flat-locked seams to prevent chafing, aerodynamic lines that visually slim you, mesh venting in areas we sweat the most to keep you dry and cool, one-hook closure for ease and comfort, anti-microbial finish to prevent funky smells, classic compression, a variety of pretty colors. All in one bra.

I love this bra for all of those reasons! I am so glad I bought one to try it out, it quickly became my favorite. I will definitely be buying more.

Reviewed by Dr. Elma Schnapp, M.D.