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GoFit 10 lb Walking Vest with Water Bottle Holder


Rating:  5 stars

I’m an avid power walker and I have to say I love this vest!

I usually wear 2.5 pound weights on my ankles just for that extra bit of resistance, but that only really helps the legs and lower back. When I saw this vest, I had to give it a try. More resistance, a convenient place to carry a water bottle, pockets inside to carry an ipod, nice sleek design… what’s not to love?

After only about 2 weeks, I can tell this vest has helped my upper thighs and core tremendously. I totally recommend this to any walker or jogger who is looking for a little extra workout. It could even be used on a treadmill, stepper or out on a nature hike.

The weight can be adjusted down to one pound so you can build up to using the full ten pounds. It’s very easy to machine wash and dry.

The designers of this vest had maximum comfort and safety in mind when they created it! It comfortably slips over your head and closes with a great dual closure system. The dual closure system allows the vest to be worn as loose or tight as you prefer. It’s light grey and has reflective stripes on the front and back, giving you higher visibility to oncoming traffic.

The water bottle holder secures to the back with velcro making it very easy to remove and replace the bottle while you are walking. It has small inside pockets so you can carry your MP3 player, keys or other small objects.

Reviewed by Dr. Elma Schnapp, M.D.