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MBT Shoes

Masai Barefoot Technology

Rating:  5 stars

Style & comfort in one smooth fitting shoe! I don’t normally say this about any product of any type, in fact my husband says I’m impossible to please, but these shoes are utter perfection. I’ve been an active person all my life and I’ve always known the importance of wearing well-made shoes.

I was skeptical when I first saw these. I mean seriously, what could be that great about them, right? All the rave about MBTs, I saw other runners wearing them, people in the gym wearing them, so I decided I needed to at least check them out fully.

Of course, I tried them on before I bought them, walked around the shoe store for 15 minutes or so and I didn’t want to take them off! It was obvious from the moment I tried them on that they would be more comfortable than my normal running shoes, so I bought a pair. I wanted to wear them straight from the store and just go hit the track. They didn’t even need an extensive break-in period. No need to buy any insoles to make them more comfortable, I don’t think a shoe could possibly get any more comfortable than these rare gems.

When I bought them, I had no idea how much they would help my knees, ankles and lower back. My feet even feel like they have better circulation, they don’t get really hot and tingly like they did in my other running shoes. My ankles, knees and lower back don’t ache after long runs any more. They’re very well worth the buy!

They come in PU coated leather or Polyester mesh and in a variety of colors and styles ranging from your low-top running shoes to rugged, long-lasting boots. You never have to worry about looking like you can’t keep up with the latest fashions, that’s for sure! Their mesh lining offers the ultimate in softness, breathability, strength and wrinkle resistance. The insole has perforations and antibacterial treatment to offer great breathability and odor reduction. They use EVA-Ethylene Vinyl Acetate to help cushion your foot for even more comfort.

I’m on my feet all day for work, but I didn’t want to wear my running shoes for everything. So about two weeks after I bought my running shoes, I bought a second, more appropriate pair for work. Of course my wife had to have a pair too. She loves them for aerobics and Yoga. She says they help her maintain balance and posture better than any other shoe she’s ever tried. And she’s been practicing Yoga for over fifteen years. The way these shoes are made, you can stand in any position and maintain 100% comfort level. They’re simply amazing and the best investment I’ve ever made in my overall comfort.

I absolutely recommend these shoes to all of my friends, colleagues and even the guy at the office who always complained about his shoes being uncomfortable and the foot and knee pain they seemed to cause.