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Power Yoga - Stamina

With Rodney Yee

Rating:  5 stars

I am a certified aerobics instructor, so when I decided to get into Yoga several years ago, this was one of my first videos. I loved it then and still love it now for a quick, feel-good workout.

I totally recommend it to anyone just beginning any type of Yoga routine. Some of the moves are quite tricky if you’re a true beginner, so be sure to watch the tape all the way through before you jump into it! I know not many people actually do watch the entire video all the way through before trying it out, but I do recommend it if you aren’t familiar with the poses. You may even want to study up on some of the basic Yoga poses before delving very far into this video.

The simple fact that this video is a challenge to beginners means it will have lasting value as beginners gradually challenge themselves to keep up with Mr. Yee and duplicate his movements. The more you practice, the more accurate and precise your movements will be and the better you will start to feel.

After you familiarize yourself a little with the basic poses, you’ll get so much more enjoyment from this workout.

Set on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, Rodney Yee leads you through a 20-minute workout consisting of Sun Salutations, lunges and Warrior poses which will burn your legs and make you sweat. He also includes back bending poses such as bow and camel. He finishes off the workout with several nice cool-down stretches and finishing poses.

I would have given this video a solid 5 stars if Mr. Yee gave just a little more time for each pose. For a true Yoga beginner, this video moves quite quickly, not really giving enough time to adjust or settle into each pose. Don’t let it frustrate you though, you can always back it up and try again. Or even try the video a few times a day for practice since it is only 20 minutes. As a beginner, you aren’t going to get every pose on your first attempt, so don’t get frustrated! Keep working at it, you’ll get them and you’ll feel so good about yourself afterward.

One of my favorite things about this tape is that it’s only 25 minutes. As a busy mom, sometimes it’s difficult to work any type of exercise into your schedule. This video gives us hope.

I’ve also read other reviews where people are complaining about the repetition of some of the poses. In Yoga this is a very common practice. This is actually very good for your body, as it helps build strength and flexibility. Which is what the “Stamina” video is all about.

Reviewed by Dr. Elma Schnapp, M.D.