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Under Armour Heat Gear Tech Shorts (Women)

Under Armour

Rating:  5 stars

These have quickly become my favorite cool-weather running shorts, and we’ve been having a few cool mornings already. I love the texture of the material, it’s extremely comfortable and doesn’t bind. I bought them because they looked nice, but I love them because they’re so comfortable and functional. Definitely a great find for anyone who enjoys running.

They look great and come in a variety of colors including – mist/white which is a light blue with white trim, midnight/midnight which is very dark blue with matching trim, black/black which is self explanatory, medium grey heather/black which is a nice grey with black trim, abyss/tile which is a medium blue with light blue trim, and broadway red which is a bright red with black trim.

The shorts have Under Armour’s logo stitched into the right leg, near the trim.

I’ve tried other shorts that claim to have the same properties as Under Armour Heat Gear, but nothing else I’ve tried comes close to the comfort, flexibility and practicality of these shorts.

These shorts are made from top quality materials from a company that’s built its reputation on delivering top quality products. They have an elastic roll waist band that you can roll up to adjust the length of the shorts. They are 95% PolyArmour polyester and 5% elastane, making them very soft and flexible. They have a 2.75” inseam, so they’re not too short.

I’m very glad I decided to buy these shorts, and I’m sure you’ll love them too!

Reviewed by Dr. Elma Schnapp, M.D.