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Women's Elite Shoreline Capris


Rating:  5 stars

Very comfortable. Very cute.

These great little capris are made of 48% micro modal, 47% baby french terry and 5% lycra spandex. They are very soft with a beautiful sheen.

These capris have a low-rise waist – but not too low. They’re very functional, stylish and one of my favorite Yoga capris.

Don’t let the pockets fool you, they’re not really pockets. If they really had pockets they would have earned a solid 5 stars from me. But in any case, the faux pockets are in place using flatlock technology so they aren’t annoying.

The vented leg openings have a very nice nail head design, adding a simple, yet elegant sense of style to already great capris.

They come in three sizes, small, medium, large and your choice of four fashionable colors, midnight blue, juicy pomegranate, golden autumn and jet black.

Reviewed by Dr. Elma Schnapp, M.D.