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Yoga Paws Mini Yoga Mats for Your Hands and Feet

Yoga Paws

Rating:  5 stars

I love these little things! They even come with a cute little carry case that you can tuck away in a purse, office desk drawer or a small carry-on for travel purposes. With my job, I travel more frequently than I’d like to. I don’t always have the luxury of carrying a large suitcase either. Most of the time I’m crunched for space and can’t take my full sized Yoga mat. So in some instances they are better than a full sized mat in my opinion. Keeping up with my Yoga routine was quite a challenge, until someone recommended I give these a try.

Yoga Paws are the perfect yoga travel companion in my opinion. They’re very comfortable, very durable for their purpose and travel well – unlike their full sized counterpart. They are made of a durable nylon/poly-vinyl blend, similar to that of a traditional yoga mat. These “mini mats” for your hands and feet have perforated holes for ventilation and stretch netting that allows for a very comfortable and flexible fit. They only come in two sizes, large and regular, but they do have a velcro clasp to help give you a nice snug fit. They also have little straps that go between the thumb and forefinger on the hand pieces, and between the big toe and first toe on the foot pieces.

These little straps are why Yoga Paws receive 4 stars from me instead of a solid 5 stars. Though comfortable, they can get quite annoying until you get used to having them on. The straps do not make them uncomfortable, just a bit annoying. Maybe it’s just me.

Because of the way they fit, I’ve found that if you slip in them, you can use Purell to help keep your hands from being sweaty. Keeping them clean also aids in maintaining their non-slip surface.

Yoga Paws are very easy to clean. Since they’re made of a material similar to your regular sized yoga mat, you can use wipes like you would use for your big mat. You can wash them with a mild soap, or even throw them into your washing machine on gentle cycle.

I’ve read other reviews that stated they were not durable for frequent use, but then again, they aren’t meant for every-day use. I travel on average, two times a week with work and they’re absolutely perfect for my occasional use. Hotel carpet is not the most comfortable stuff, but at least my hands and feet are covered now and I don’t slip or have rug marks like I used to. Yoga Paws are much more comfortable than hotel carpet!

My only “cons”, if you can call them that, are:

  1. They’re not a full body mat obviously, so they’re not great for asanas for instance.
  2. The foot pieces slip occasionally, but nothing that really hinders the functionality of the items.
  3. The little strap can be annoying and distracting for a few minutes when you put them on.

Reviewed by Dr. Elma Schnapp, M.D.