Seated Swiss Ball


The Swiss ball has become one of the most widely utilized pieces of fitness equipment, and deservedly so for literally hundreds of core exercises have been developed for it. The ball is inexpensive, supple, friendly, and it comes in vibrant colors that invite exercising.

Don't let its playful character fool you since, same as the Swiss ball makes some exercises easier, it makes others devilishly more difficult. Because the ball rolls, most exercises done on it require extra power and further core action to avoid falls during the workout. Before you advance to the more complex exercises, start with a simpler one, and learn to balance first. You may choose to do each exercise alone or you may link them together, as an "Around The World" series, adjusting the number of repetitions accordingly.

The exercise chosen here as the best variation, the Lateral Arm Raise, depicted here, not only engages the usual core muscles, but it also works the muscles that stabilize the shoulder blades and the neck, necessary for the maintenance of a correct posture.

Seated Swiss Ball