Do I Need an Exercise Buddy?

A lot depends on how motivated you are. Exercising with another person may provide the enthusiasm needed to start and maintain a fitness program; both of you may gain from the benign harassing and teasing that friends normally do to each other, and it will increase compliance with the exercises. Companionship and competitiveness are a plus, and a buddy allows for exercises that require two people for their execution. Couples may find that the time spent working out together enhances their ability to communicate.

Instead of exercising with a buddy, some people choose to do it in front of the mirror, challenging their alter ego, demanding from himself or herself one more squat or one more sit up. There is nothing wrong if you catch yourself talking to your reflection, cajoling and encouraging that person facing you in the mirror to push the exercises further. If you possess even a trace of vanity, a mirror can be your best friend and ally to encourage you to keep a proper posture.

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Do I need an exercise buddy?

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