Floor Abdominals

Overhead Reaching

Keep your legs straight and at 45 degress. Now lift the shoulders from the floor, and keep the abdominal muscles continuously contracted. Lift your hands from the mat with the palms still facing down and keep your arms straight. Raise your hands up a couple of inches and push them down hard. Perform this motion rhythmically for one hundred arm movements, about twice every second. It's easier if you imagine that you're repeatedly tapping on an invisible pillow, while never touching the mat. Remember to keep the small of your back against the floor.

When breathing, exhale slowly through pursed lips, count five arm movements, and inhale. If you're doing the exercise correctly, you'll notice that every time you push the hands down, the contraction of the muscles helps push the air out.

Maximize the exercise by reaching up with your arms once after every ten of the one hundred repetitions. Bring the arms straight up from the sides and back down laterally (like doing a backstroke), and repeat another ten of the one hundred repetitions.

Floor Abdominals

Floor Stretches

The One Hundred Series