Ball on the Wall

Raised Leg

Raised Leg with Bent Knee - Raise, Pull, Lift

The exercises shown here are an example of an "Around The World" workout, which can be used for the preceding routines also. The exercises are linked together, moving straight from one arm variation to the next one without stopping, keeping the position of the legs unchanged, repeating the arm movements from start to finish. Repeat 10-20 times with each leg.

This is the starting position for the next few exercises. Maximize it by lifting one leg until it's parallel to the ground, and flex the other knee to 90 degrees. Begin by holding the weights to your side.








Lift the weights straight to shoulder height elevating your arms.





Proceed to bring the weights towards your chest by pulling the elbows back.






Proceed to lift the weights up to eye level by rotating the shoulders, keeping the elbows flexed.





Proceed to lift the weights up above your head, without locking the elbows. Resume starting position. Repeat the whole series 10-20 times before changing to the other leg.

Ball on the Wall

Add Weights

Bent Knees

Raised Leg